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4 Must-Have Skills to Boost Your Art Career: Five DO’s to Level Up your Digital Media Fluency

Ever wondered if languages impact your career? 

The answer is: HELL YEAH!

Languages are so powerful that they might lock you into a box of misinformation and limit your knowledge.

And as the global citizens we are becoming and the digital era we are witnessing, not mastering specific languages and online tools might limit your potential!

This draws us to asking one important question that is: 

What are the must-have language skills that every artist should master? 

I would say: In addition to your art language, your mother tongue and english, (is that already too much?!) digital media fluency is becoming a key “online language skill” for artists to elevate their career.

Let’s repeat it again “to elevate their career”, because you can keep being the artist you are without learning social media tips and codes. But, you must expect impacting fewer lives than when you use the right digital media tools to reach a wider community.

In this second blog of our “4 Must-Have Skills to Boost Your Art Career” series, we will give you 5 DO’s to enhance your Digital Media fluency, impact more people and boost your art career:

1- Learn about your Online Art Network:

If we take a deep look into how each art community uses social media, we will find out that different social media platforms exist for different art forms.

Instagram might be a number one platform for digital and graffiti artists while Youtube might be dancers’ number one used online space.

For effective use of social media to boost your art knowledge and grow your network, we invite you to ask yourself these 2 following questions:

. Where does my online art community belong? 


. Who are the most influential international & national artists & change makers to follow within your industry ?

By answering these question, you will be able to identify the right platform to use in order to get updates about the latest news, trends and opportunities within your industry, therefore boost your art knowledge and similarly to marketing intelligence, this process will enable you to innovative more effectively.

2- Build your Online Identity:

Let’s go straight to the point, if you seek to build a professional art career then make sure your social media BIOs are not about your favorite food nor about that one quote spotted on Google. 

BIOs are a great tool to draw your audience’s attention to your profile and redirect them into other platforms where they can find more information about you. 

Here are three easy steps to design an interesting bio: 

-Add your profession, add your online portfolio link (Website, Youtube channel…) then add a personal hasthag that you’re going to use while publishing content related to your art work (unless you’re a really famous artist and you already have a fandom that took care of it).

3- Credit Artists, photographers and Video-makers:

What’s an artist without photographers and video-makers in our nowadays digitalized world?

The art community is an interconnected one, some artists are suppliers for others such as beatmakers for rappers, rappers for dancers, others work as sales agents such as photographers and video-makers as they help you promote yourself in an HD form.

Giving credit to artists is not only a form of respect to the sweat and time spent on crafting his/her creative work, it is also one more way to reach a new different target that will allow you to grow your community and impact other people’s lives through your art.

4- Get Creative, it is FREE:

What makes our digital era a unique one is that unlike the TV one, where MTV ruled (and ruined) our lives, you can use the same tools to promote your songs (or other art works) as Ciara did during her latest music video campaign: 

Among all the traditional ways to boost her reach, Ciara has chosen the international online dance community as a tool to promote her Level Up song, by launching the #LevelUpDanceChallenge on Instagram.

Whatchu waitin’ for? 

Get creative, create content, start challenges, engage your community and let them be part of your journey. Isn’t it amazing that you can invite people to practice with you while you both are in two different part of the world?

5- Build your online network:

Any recipe? 

SUPPORT EACH OTHER. Wouldn’t it be a better world if art content were as viral as negative war news?

Reminder: Share & support your artists’ role models and friends.

Were these 5 DO’s useful?

Let us know!

Also, feel free to share with us other tips that you think are effective for enhancing an artist professional career.

See you next blog!


Hosn Tebourski

A dreamer & an introverted dancer who enjoys sharing news about the Tunisian Hip Hop dance community.

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