A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Better Dancer (6 tips)

I have built it through open mindedness as well as curiosity as I am constantly eager to learn and explore new dance styles.

Talent doesn’t make you a dancer, hard work does determine your growth !

Here are 6 tips to help you turn your Dancer dream into reality!

1. Stop comparing yourself to other dancers:

Less comparing, more hard work! 

Follow this formula if you ever get thoughts about why certain dancer is more skilled than you as we should only compare ourselves to who we were yesterday as dancers in order to track our progress.

2. Feel it:

Breakreate X Urban Whyz Fest, Nefza 2018 by Med Mhamdi

Dance is Art!

Always remind yourself that dance is art, not a trendy lifestyle nor a workout.

Dance is a body language that translates feelings into moves. 

Once you hear some beats, focus, listen, feel then dance.

3. Set goals:

Realistic goals…

Act like the wise turtle during its race with the rabbit, making some slow but effective steps while walking your learning path.

4. E-dance:

Here are some tutorials for y’all:

Bboying beginners : Break Advice -The Fundamentals | Introduction with Crazy Legs

Hip Hop dance tutorials: Dance Tutorials Live

Watch LAs best dance videos: Tim Milgram 

5. Attend dance events & workshops:

Breakreate X Urban Whyz Fest, Nefza 2018 by Med Mhamdi

Joining dance battles and workshops is a great way to both, learn by watching and doing! 

Make sure not to miss Hip Hop events happening around Tunisia by following us on Facebook, Instagram & www.thebreakreate.com

6. Join a crew:

Being part of a crew is what will motivate you to stick to your dance goals. It helps trigger one’s creativity and will allow you to collaborate with other dancers and learn how to effectively work in a team environment.

Make sure to follow these 6 tips & remember to keep seeking knowledge no matter what level you’re at!

And to all our Breakreate Fam! Share with us your progress, text us!