Breakreatin’Walls : The Artless Walls Revolution

I have built it through open mindedness as well as curiosity as I am constantly eager to learn and explore new dance styles.

Sunday 11, 2018 will definitely be a Funday in Nefza, the northwestern tunisian city, as it marks the launch of Breakreate’s next move : Breakreatin’Walls.

Breakreatin’Walls is a Street Art/Graffiti initiative connecting Graffiti artists to artless walls around Tunisia, aiming to spread impactful messages around some of the country’s cities.

The program was not only designed to turn Tunisia’s streets into free art galleries but also to promote some of our country’s most talented and skilled Urban Art/Graffiti artists through a personalized digital content, showcasing each one of their experiences, such as videos, pictures and blogs that will be highlighting their journey.

8 seems to be Breakreatin’Walls lucky number as its first edition will be featuring 8 artists who will take over 8 of Nefza’s artless walls all along the 8 upcoming weeks. You can check the selected artists here: Breakreatin’Walls

MesOne| Breakreatin’Walls 

Breakreatin’Walls first session will introduce us to one of the most skilled artists in Tunisia, Med Bader Oueslati, also known as MES ONE.

In partnership with Art Solution, our Loop Colors spray cans’ provider and Nefza’s municipality, MES ONE will head to Nefza on Sunday 11, 2018 to invade one of its walls and leave his mark within its streets.

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