Stef Euphoria: The Making of an Artist

I have built it through open mindedness as well as curiosity as I am constantly eager to learn and explore new dance styles.

Do you believe that oppressed feelings and thought lead to a creative positive world? If no, this blog will be a great example of it.

Stef Euphoria, a 26-year-old full-time concept artist, born and raised in Tunisia.

Stef’s artworks are getting more and more attention each passing day through social media pages and by the Tunisian communities. His artworks demonstrate how much talented one can be if you infuse your feelings into your art and keep practicing on your craft. They always come in interesting colors, messages and details. Especially details. They can express love, sadness or any other emotion, which people can relate to. To many, his art capture emotions and spread them through his portraits.

Stef’s Artworks

The empath artist have been drawing since he was just a 4-year-old kid who held an interesting story that made him the artist he is.

Stef had issues with talking when growing up as a kid. “I said my first word at the age of five” and that is unnatural to the process of a kid’s growing. But that didn’t stop him from communicating with the world surrounding him. He communicated through drawing as he said: “I had too much to express and explain, so I found a way and started drawing instead of talking.”

Stef Euphoria is constantly active and even discuss local social and political issues through his art. An example of this is his artwork about the death of the 19-year-old football supporter Omar Abidi, which went super viral and became one the most famous artworks to support this case.

Stef’s popular artwork about Omar Abidi’s case.

Stef always shares his artworks with his communities, ask for feedback and engage with his fans and that made him a loved artist to follow.

We interview Stef Euphoria and here some Q/A as usual to know more about him:

+ How did you find your style?

I just let myself go with whatever makes my soul happy. So I guess my style found me.

+ Who is your inspiration?

Hayao Miyazaki

+ What are your thoughts about being an artist in Tunisia?

To be an artist in Tunisia is something very challenging. People around here got used to football and cheap praise and dumb TV programs. It feels kind of dangerous to speak freely about whatever crosses your mind as an artist in an Islamic country full of comformists, sexists, racists and those who promote hate… But things are about to change.

+ What are your thoughts about the concept/character designers’ community in Tunisia?

I think they lack some self confidence. We have great artists here, they just don’t know how great they are, and how they can change things if they unite.

+ What are your current and future goals?

Already working on my first Manga book, which will be release by mid 2019.

+ Do you have any future ideas to start a project?

Maybe an animation project with a very talented filmmaker and friend. Not sure about it though.

+ What advice can you give to the new generation of graphic designers?

Work hard and enjoy the process of growing better. Never give up. Never.

+ Anything you want to tell us about you?

I’m also a singer/songwriter, planning to be a photographer too.

You can follow Stef Euphoria on his social media pofiles: 

Facebook: Stef Euphoria’s Artwork

Instagram: @Stefeuphorias

Art Station: Stef Euphoria