ARTISLESS: Seif Maatoug’s Journey into Building an International Digital Art Community

I have built it through open mindedness as well as curiosity as I am constantly eager to learn and explore new dance styles.

Seif Maatoug aka ARTISLESS, a Tunisian freelance visual artist who has built a digital community that promotes art around the world « Arte Madness ».

It all started with Seif Maatoug aiming to prove himself to someone who thought of him as a loser. Three years later, the Arte Madness community has grown into a reknown web platform that started as a Facebook page.

We caught up with Seif Maatoug, Arte Madness founder to know more about his inspirations and goals.

BK : What kind of art do you love?

AL : Surreal art.

Artwork by ARTISLESS

BK : Do you practice any art disciplines?

AL : I create visuals, sometimes make video edits and I edit some image compositions.

Artwork by ARTISLESS

BK : How did you start your blogging journey ?

AL : I wasn’t even thinking about being a blogger, I found myself here.

We were also curious about how does ARTISLESS choose who to feature on the Arte Madness blogs and the way he describes his readers’ community, Seif Maatoug highlighted that the Arte Madness community is an international engaged virtual society that is interested in aesthetics and art, with a few number but very special Tunisian followers, precising that picking up artists to write about is a shared task, sometimes it’s based on his own research, others it happens the opposite way.

BK : What are your future goals ?

AL : I want to make our magazine one of the largest magazines featuring artists all over the world.

BK : How do you see your magazine in five years?

AL : We hope to reach 2 million of Arte Madness community member.

BK : Any tips for anyone who wants to start a magazine?

AL : Consistency.

BK : Add anything you want to highlight about yourself.

AL : A random dreamer from North Africa.

BK : Add anything you want to highlight about your magazine.

AL : We are a digital magazine featuring digital artists in this digital age.


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