Stef Euphoria on “Halazoun’Art Movement” and the Urge for a Tunisian Art Revolution.

I have built it through open mindedness as well as curiosity as I am constantly eager to learn and explore new dance styles.

As Tunisia keeps giving birth to artists and creative individuals, it also keeps creating leaders and movements every here and there.

This time we are writing you this blog about a new art movement, a new community and new goals and ambitions: Halazoun’Art Movement and we have Stef Euphoria to introduce us this new project that he co-founded.

According to Stef, the Halazoun’Art Movement is a “movement based on creating a large community of self-taught artists“. The whole idea started when Stef Euphoria met Djappa Man in 2018 and illustrated an album cover for him. “We both noticed how art is being misinterpreted and that it all comes down to money, as the rich is getting successful, the poor is getting completely ignored and literally left behind. We think such movement should exist to provide balance” Stef said.

Now, they are a group of five:
Melki Sajed aka (Djappa Man) as a Hip-hop artist, Mohamed Saadallah as a videographer and photographer, Brown Mourad as a digital artist and graphic designer, Iheb Ben Neji as a sound engineer and Stef Euphoria as a concept artist.

Halazoun’Art Movement will be about seeking and reaching for all forms of arts and artists, musicians, poets, painters, Hip-hop artists, graffiti artists, photographers, etc… The main idea is about creating a real life network of artists being fully productive and cooperative.B

BREAKREATE : What’s the purpose of the movement?

STEF EUPHORIA: Halazoun’Art Movement aims at bringing artists together. We will provide a new vision for self-taught artists in Tunisia. We will allow them to be heard through their art and not their sponsoring or bank account. We got sick and tired of our youth talking football instead of art. We had enough of stupid TV shows and Media promoting trash. Our society needs some artistic self awareness as soon as possible. We have a huge number of talents that have never been given a chance before. Our job is not to make others believe in us, but to make them believe in the authentic artist they have inside.

Expect them soon as they officially launch the project.