Miroir Brisé by Mourad Dridi: One Body, Different Identities

I have built it through open mindedness as well as curiosity as I am constantly eager to learn and explore new dance styles.

Once a body and a soul come together, we find ourselves subscribed to a journey called life that oscillates between exciting and challenging experiences.

But what if the body carries more than one facet of a soul? 

« Miroir Brisé » (translated into English as Broken Mirror) is Mourad Dridi’s first solo artistic creation that will take you on a Hip-Hop dance theater experience: The versatile dancer will invade the theater stage of l’Institut Supérieur d’Art Dramatique on the 25th of May, 2019 to tell us the story of a man tortured by his multiple personalities through an Experimental Hip-Hop choreography.

A multidisciplinary team stands behind the « Miroir Brisé » project, choreographed and performed by Mourad Dridi, staged by Mokhtar Fergani with a music composition by Oussema Chouchene and a stage lighting by Mouhamed Ali Dridi.

The piece’s synopsis can somehow satisfy our curiosity as it highlights the number of personalities that will be played by Mourad Dridi: An inner battle led by four different yet intertwined identities that haunt the performer’s body:

How can he find peace? Will he embrace each one of them to save himself?

All questions will be answered during « Miroir Brisé » premiere show that will be performed on Staurday 25th of May, 2019 starting from 10.00 PM at lInstitut Supérieur d’Art Dramatique.

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