Breakreate Breaking League: The First Breaking League in Tunisia

I have built it through open mindedness as well as curiosity as I am constantly eager to learn and explore new dance styles.

Observing, practicing and competing.

Following this three-step process will certainly help breakers enhance their skills. But how frequently they do it, will determine how proficient they will get overtime: Holding frequent Breaking battles allows breakers to continuously challenge themselves and work on being their best version. Unfortunately, the Tunisian Breaking scene is far from providing its community with frequent tournaments: Once a battle comes to an end, B-boys and B-girls’ motivation fades away.

What is then the most effective way to sustain breakers’ motivation? Is it by organizing more events or isn’t it time for our community to switch to more innovative solutions?


Breakreate Breaking League is a ranking system that tracks the growth of the Tunisian breaking scene’s high achievers. It is a year-long, community-based initiative that aims to create a platform where B-boys and B-girls can compete and understand in more depth their performances’ levels.


Breakreate Festival’s second edition was followed by the first release of Breakreate Breaking League‘s rankings. The following pictures represent Mafia Walliti Battle’s bracket as well as breakers’ scores.


  • Bringing new perspectives: Breaking has been recently announced as a part of the 2024’s Olympic games, taking place in Paris. It is then important to realize that, the Tunisian breaking scene is not familiar with rankings and scoring systems. We believe that BBL will be a great opportunity to initiate our community to such a new process.
  • An engaging tool: Not so different from social media Likes that activate our brains’ reward system, the BBL tracking tool will certainly keep breakers hyped and motivated to do more as they feel praised for their good performances.
  • Efficiency: BBL’s current resources are composed of: Passion for what we do, knowledge of the Tunisian breaking community and strategic thinking. Yet, its added value is estimated to be relatively high.


Each win in the leagues’ battles will grant the B-boy/B-girl points that will allow him to climb over the ranks following the next system:

TOP 16 – 1 points
TOP 8 – 2 points
Semi-finals – 3 points
Second Place – 4 points
First Place – 6 points


If you are organizing Tunisia’s next breaking battle , make sure to contact us via our social networks or e-mail us on breakreatetn[@] to join the Breakreate Breaking League.