Versatility in Hip-Hop FT. Marvel Vibes X Young Loofy

I have built it through open mindedness as well as curiosity as I am constantly eager to learn and explore new dance styles.

What are career boxes? It’s that belief that anything you do alongside your main job is either a side job or a hobby! And, we millennials, don’t like being labeled! Especially millennial artists. Moving from one art form to another will certainly hold few challenges. But, we’re here for that! We’re here to challenge the human’s creative potential. 

Since this growing phenomenon is quite common among Hip-Hop artists, we wanted to explore versatility in Hip-Hop; and more precisely within the Hip-Hop dance community. From dancing to music to making it, how could Marvel Vibes and Young Loofy, smoothly oscillate between being talented dancers and rising rap stars?

Until two weeks ago, Mohamed Gharbi, aka Marvel Vibes, and Mouhamed Aziz Chouchene, aka Young Loofy, were only known for their outstanding dance talent as they are both part of the Ninje’s Crew. On the 11th of August, 2020, a M$NEY entitled track marked their first YouTube appearance as two rising Rap stars! Before digging into the story behind their first featuring “M$NEY”, let’s explore Marvel Vibes and Young Loofy’s first steps into the Hip-Hop scene and how they first connected. 

The Marvel x Loofy Path

Where did you both start developing an interest towards dance and music?

M.V: I started practicing dance at the age of 16, but my passion for it goes way before that, as both of my brothers were dancers. Which is the same for my passion for music, which was triggered around 2012. 

Y.L: My passion for dance started earlier than music, more precisely, at the age of 11. Then, at the age of 13, I started showing a higher interest towards music.

What are your dance styles as you’re both active members of the Ninje’s Crew?

M.V: Popping dance.

Y.L: Reverse. 

If you’ve already watched the M$NEY music video, you’ve probably wondered how one can be as fluent in dance as he is in rap! When asked about how they moved from dance to music, Loofy and Marvel unveiled their strong passion for music and the hard work they’ve put into it. For Loofy, it has sort of evolved naturally as he was raised in a family that shares the same love for art as he does. While Marvel highlighted a more strategic approach. He was aware of the versatile facet of Hip-Hop, especially in the U.S, and he believed he had the potential to do the same, and link dance to rap.

Tell us more about that moment you’ve decided to start sharing your music? 

Y.L: Three years ago. I did actually go through phases and I definitely didn’t like the first times I made music. But, that’s the only way to find your style, which is a challenging one. Then, as I collaborated with Marvel, we did a good job at finding what matches our own expectations.  

M.V: 2020. My crew and friends’ support was a key motivator for Loofy and I to collaborate and drop the “M$NEY” track. 

The Marvel x Loofy Duo Meeting 

As you watch “M$NEY”’s music video, you’ll spot the whole Ninje’s Crew dancing. This multipotentiality, even when not embraced by each and every crew member, creates a dynamic work environment within the team. We wanted to dive more into this, so we asked Marvel and Loofy to describe their collaboration in three words:

M.V: Trust, power, and patience.

Y.L: Work, thinking, and understanding. 

Marvel and Loofy’s duo meeting resulted from many years of collaboration as they’ve both mentioned. They’ve also highlighted how smooth their featuring was. It came so naturally, taking place on the rooftop of Marvel’s home.

Story behind “M$NEY”

What did inspire you when writing “M$NEY” lyrics?

Y.L: There are those times where I get inspired from books or movies, but the streets, the hood, is where I got my inspiration from to write “M$NEY”

M.V: We got it from the rooftop vibe, where it all started. The exchange that we experienced, our lifestyle, our experiences, and what we love. For me it was the culture, the hood, and Marvel’s Thor. Thunder’s limitless energy inspires me . 

Artists are born creators and doers. But going from creation to distribution is a whole different step of an artist’s path. When asked about they moved from writing “M$NEY” to producing it, Marvel and Loofy both answered that they quickly went from writing it to recording it. They’ve then shared it with their friends who’ve highly encouraged them to upload it. 

Encountered challenges and Needed Support

Loofy and Marvel both agree on money being their first and main challenge. They’ve worked many jobs to secure the needed financial resources to record and shoot the music video. Other challenges are related to the shooting locations as they couldn’t get access to some planned ones. Despite the encountered challenges, the duo was aware that, in order for a work to be rewarding, one must work hard. 

As they shared their insights about the kind of support they’d like to receive within and outside the Hip-Hop community, Marvel and Loofy strongly valued respect and humility. In addition to working together on empowering the Tunisian Hip-Hop scene through constructive feedback and unconditional support. 

Any shoutouts: 

Y.L: Shoutout to Armasta, Si Lemhaf, and Ferid el Extranjero. I give another shoutout to my neighborhood Jbal Lahmer, my parents who have supported me, and I’m grateful to God. 

Power Duo Opens Up: 

Y.L: Marvel was the first person who believed in my talent, supported me in every battle, and motivated me as I went on stage for the first time. For whoever reading this interview, make sure to never give up, even when things don’t work the way you plan them. Remember that you surely have something unique about you, which you have to explore. The process will surely be challenging but it is definitely worth the hard work. 

M.V: To all dancers and rappers, if you want to be a game changer, never compare yourself to others! Redirect your focus towards yourself, believe in yourself and in your skills. Which you should work hard on. Also, remember that challenges are inevitable as you cross your path towards success. Positive energy, good surroundings, and patience will get you where you want.