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Creative shot by Voitl Photography

Bboy CARBON: The Free Dancing Soul, RIP

One more reason to love & support each other is the probability of losing each other in the blink of an eye…

Creative shot by Voitl Photography

A talented artist’s soul left us last week…heading to a peaceful place inshAllah…here is a tribute to Bboy CARBON.

Bboy Carbon by Tony Templeton

Even if you have never got the chance to know much about Bboy Carbon on a personal level, you would probably know that he is a humble dancing soul. Bboy Carbon, stood out from the crowd through his footwork and freezes during Tunisia’s finest Hip Hop events in addition to his SMILE filled with hope…He made us all feel proud, as one of the best tunisian Bboys, representing Tunisia in multiple international bboying events.

Here is a highlight of his journey and little do we know about the impactful things he did for the tunisian Hip Hop community…


Red Bull BC One MEA Finals, Jordan

Red Bull BC One Tunisia Qualifier Winner


Red Bull BC One, Tunisia Qualifier Winner

Break Junkies, Netherlands


International Battle of The Year

Battle of The Year Tunisia Winner

International Bboy Games, Italy

R16 western Europe Italy : Semi-finalist

Street Scientists Tunisia: 2nd place

UK Champs IBE, Netherlands


Battle Mezghenna Algeria, Winner

 Funky Afternoon Battle, Rome: 2nd place

Break To Be Free, Tunisia: 2nd place  (Source)

Sadly this blog is not about promoting Bboy Carbon’s talent and the multipotentialite artist he was, but hopefully it will remind us all to send him prayers, to reflect on life and that all what should matter while living each moment of it is, to be kind and to love unconditionally.

Our thoughts go to Carbon’s family members especially Chouaib Brick, the artist who has done much to this community, who has been inspiring many of us and who needs our community’s love & support.


LEGACY, Mafia Walitili Battle

Hosn Tebourski

A dreamer & an introverted dancer who enjoys sharing news about the Tunisian Hip Hop dance community.

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  1. shorez


    I also pray for this dancing our community i will share this post on our official Breaking Crew website not to promotion purpose or anything. Its to send him prayers from our community and Hip-Hop Culture.


  2. Shorez

    nice post to a legend

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