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Be the Best Version of Yourself on Fallaga Anniversary 2019

Hip-hop is going even stronger in 2019 and a proof to that is how busy March looks when it comes to hip-hop events. With three events: Cirta Jam, Fallaga Anniversary 2019 and War Zone #2. And of course a couple of workshops here and there all around Tunisia.

On March 22 & 23, the Tunisian Hip Hop dance community will head to Gafsa to celebrate the Fallaga Anniversary, hosted by Fallaga Crew, a hip-hop collective of talented artists sharing the same passion for the culture and especially the dance side of it with the collaboration of the production of Mosa-ville (a cultural association that supports arts in Tunisia) and Breakreate.

Fallag Anniversary 2019 Official Flyer

Because we want you to get the most out it, here are 4 tips on how to be your best on the D-day:

Challenge Yourself

Attend Fallaga Anniversary’s workshops and make sure to be growth oriented on its DAY 1.


Watch, learn and share, this is how you should approach Fallaga Anniversary’s DAY 1 as Cyphers and open practice sessions are part of the schedule. Remember! Each one teach one!

Spot your Mentor, Ask Questions

Whether you’re a Bboy or a Hip Hop dancer, Fallaga judges will be there for you to guide you through workshops and competitions.

Support & Connect

Keep on building your dance network because Hip Hop is all about love, peace, unity and having fun.

Register to Fallaga Anniversary’s battles here

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