You are currently viewing Breakreate X Urban Whyz Fest: The Straight Outta N e f z A Hip Hop Fusion

Breakreate X Urban Whyz Fest: The Straight Outta N e f z A Hip Hop Fusion

What happens when a Hip Hop dance Fest meets a Graffiti one?

Boom Shaka Laka!

Nefza, the northwestern tunisian city located in Béja Governorate, will be hosting the Breakreate X Urban Whyz Festival from June 28th till July 1st, 2018: A four-day Hip Hop gathering that will bring dancers, graffiti artists, MCs and DJs all together with the aim of introducing Nefza’s youth to the 4 Hip Hop elements through multiple workshops and competitions.

Behind the Scenes

Few months ago, a bboy and a graffiti artists’ paths have crossed in Art Solution Urban Art movement office: Khalil Abda aka The Azfenian and Amel Naffeti aka Mylow‘s meet up has led to a powerful collaboration linking two events:

The Breakrate 21 Sessions and the Urban Whyz. Both are annual events on their first edition and are financially and logistically supported by Art Solution through the Creative Connection program “Tfanen”.


1. A rich and diverse program:

Growth seekers! Where you at?!

The Breakreate X Urban Whyz Festival team have put in a lot of effort into creating a multidisciplinary schedule:

Wether you are an artist or an art enthusiast, you’ll be able to dive deep into Hip Hop culture, explore its different elements, share and grow your skills through its scheduled workshops, shows & battles (Check the event Facebook page for more information about the Fest program).

2. A large creative network:

A worth discovering one!

The Breakreate X Urban Whyz Festival team has been announcing their artists’ Line Up since last week and one sure thing is: -It’s gonna be LIT-

Attendees will be able to connect with some of the most talented Graffiti artists, dancers, MCs and DJs who live by the four Hip Hop values: Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun. Authenticity will then be the Fest key element!

3. N E F Z A, a new Hip Hop spot:

New spot, new target, a larger community!

The Tunisian Hip Hop community has been rapidly expanding since 2011 inside and outside the capital thanks to some talented Hip Hop artists. Among the different cities that are drawing their path into building their Hip Hop communities, Nefza is standing out from the crowd with its mission-driven young leaders that are ready to make some bold changes to turn Nefza into a one of them Tunisian Hip Hop spots.

The countdown is ON!

Make sure to go check Breakreate & Urban Whyz Facebook pages & Instagram for more details.

Save the date and the place..BE THERE!


Hosn Tebourski

A dreamer & an introverted dancer who enjoys sharing news about the Tunisian Hip Hop dance community.

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