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Breakreatin’Walls: Breakreate Graffiti Sessions

Since we started, 6 months ago, we made a goal of covering all of the Hip-Hop elements in Tunisia. And we did. The progress is steady while we are still aiming to achieve more impactful goals.

After our last action, the Breakreate X Urban Whyz Festival, we noticed the immense positive impact the graffiti and street art pieces left on Nefza. So we decided to come up with a project that continues to leave constant positive influence on the northern west city, Nefza.

Credit Photo: Med Mhamdi

Breakreatin’Walls, the Breakreate Graffiti Sessions. 

The main idea of this project is to collaborate with artists of different styles to (1) build a stronger community (2) to keep the movement alive and active and (3) to bring the culture and its positivity to the north west of Tunisia. 

The mission will be to work with 8 artists, weekly, for a duration of two months, from November to December of 2018, on creating both online and offline content. While each artist will get free Loop Colors spray cans provided by our partner, Art Solution, to leave his mark on Nefza’s walls, we will work on promoting the artists’ potentials, the region’s culture and the project’s added value. What we seek from Breakreatin’Walls in the future is building an active community nationally and internationally, leave a social and an economic impact on Nefza and exploit its tourism potential.

You can join the project through filling a form we created on our website from here.

The submissions will end September 15, 2018. Take time to check it and share it with your friends or anyone that might be interested in the program. We are going to start announcing the selected artists with the beginning of October 2018. 

The selection criteria or judges will be announced on the submissions’ deadline day.

Stay tuned for more updates on this one and let’s build this together! 


Khalil Zammeli

The founder of Breakreate. Born in July 25, 2000 in Nefza where I'm living to this day. I love hip-hop. I'm a writer, designer, bboy, filmmaker and a lot of many other things.

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