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Breakreatin’Walls: Meet Taher Abid KERO

On one of our 2018’s blog, we introduced you to a Street Art/Graffiti collective based in Sfax, el Hokka, where we interviewed its co-founders to get the main vision, goals and story behind this creative Tunisian group.

This time, we will dive deep into the thoughts of one of el Hokka’s co-founders, Taher Abid Kero, through an interview we did with him after his Breakreatin’Walls session at Underground Session 2.

In this interview, Kero will discuss three major topics: (1) How does he get inspired to do his work, (2) About the background of his work, (3) How Street Art impact our lives and (4) He will give his thoughts about the new Tunisian generation of Street Artists.

Enjoy the interview, follow Kero on Instagram and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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