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How to Become a WAR ZONE #2 Warrior

Only a few days left until the WAR ZONE second edition,Tunisia Hip-Hop Championship: A set of competitions that will bring together some of the best artists within the Tunisian and European Hip Hop scene, brought to you by the Tunisian MC Benny Bnz, IRMA Productions and No Limits Arts association.

Dancers, MCs and Beatmakers will get the chance to challenge themselves, grow their skills, share and learn from some of the best Hip Hop artists on March 30, 2019 in a downtown Tunis venue, le Théâtre de l’Etoile du Nord.

We’ve been working alongside the War Zone team on developing some interesting war tactics to help you stand out from the crowd and be part of our best warriors during the competitions.

Below are 3 tips on how to become a War Zone Warrior:

Put your armor on

War Zone #2 battlefields will host some of the best Hip-Hop artists around Tunisia. They will be filled with challenge, sweat and talent!

Dancers, MCs and Beatmakers will have to bring their skills, water bottles and perseverance in order to set the battlefields on fire, entertain the crowds and wow the judges:


GAL3I (Tunisia)
DJ KILLA (Tunisia)


EDDY APE (Belgium)
EKANY (Belgium)


MAD POP (Tunisia)

Commit to War Zone #2 army values

War Zone #2 values are no different from the Hip Hop principles:

Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun

Once you hit the War Zone #2 venue, you should embrace a Hip Hop mindset that is based on respect, tolerance and freedom, getting yourself ready to learn, exchange and experience growth within the War Zone Hip-Hop network.

Respect your opponent

War Zone #2 will be offering a multidisciplinary schedule where dancers, MCs and Beatmakers will get to fight for the first spot of each competition.

Respecting your opponent is one key tip for you to walk your way towards winning the battles.

Make sure to save your spot as well!

GO get your tickets @ the War Zone #2 venue: le Théâtre de l’Etoile du Nord and make sure not to miss one of the most renowned Hip Hop events happening around Tunisia featuring some of Tunisia’s best Hip Hop collectives, crews and DJs: DJ Gamra, DJ Stxev Abidov, Beats5oun, Benz Crew & Thug Style Crew.

Save the date: March 30, 2019 at 3 pm.

Hosn Tebourski

A dreamer & an introverted dancer who enjoys sharing news about the Tunisian Hip Hop dance community.

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