You are currently viewing The Knowledge Drop: Focus’ Online Hip-hop Course.

The Knowledge Drop: Focus’ Online Hip-hop Course.

The internet nowadays is just full of online courses and video tutorials about moves of many different types of dances but of course not all of them are good. Just a few of them are close to being good and they still lack an important element: Knowledge.

Knowledge is the key to enhancing your dance and taking it to the next level. Every detail you learn about your dance will eventually help tighten up your relation with it and even bring out a stronger energy while practicing it.

Humans simply get good at what they truly believe in and knowledge will make your belief in your dance stronger. Therefore, do your research.

In this blog, I’ll be presenting to you the finest going-on online breaking course out there, the Knowledge Drop, brought to you by one of the finest Bboys ever, Bboy Focus.

Who is Bboy Focus?

Focus, is one of those Bboys who had changed the game. Coming from Finland, the legendary Bboy started his breaking journey in the 90’s and joined his crew Flow Mo till this day. Focus became famous with his unique style and raw footworks after traveling the world and conquering so many battles like IBE Footwork Battle (x3), Hip Opsession Solo (x2) and so many other competitions around the globe.

Focus also runs an online website that teaches breaking called “B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo”. All along with the known B-girl AT, they give online courses to subscribed dancers and give them an opportunity to learn about the original dance of hip-hop, its foundation, culture, techniques, background and everything else about it.

Also, Focus teaches breaking in Saiffa, a street dance school based in Helsinki, Finland since 2010, which he co-founded all along with three others Flow Mo members.

IBE 2009 in Herleen (NL) | Photo taken from Focus’ Website

The Knowledge Drop, what is it and where can you find it?

Back in November 23rd of 2018, Focus dropped the first episode of the series where he talked about a very important thing, Foundation.

The online series is available on the B-boy & B-girl Dojo Youtube channel. The series is continuing to cover a variety of subjects, not only sharing techniques of how a move can be done, but also shares interesting stories about Focus’ journey as a Bboy, the background of the hip-hop culture, protections tips, etc…

This simply can be and actually is the best online breaking course out there, at the best of my knowledge at least. Make sure to check it, subscribe to the channel and catch the next episodes.

3 of its best videos for me:

This is an interesting and a favorite one as it shows how humble a Bboy/dancer should be where Focus shares his story about how he got smoked against the judges, Kmed/Remind/Storm/Speedy, of a battle he just won.

A very interesting subject to talk about and to share with breakers, Form. Form is one of many pillars to our dance. However, people miss talking about it often and not many do actually mention it either in their workshops or online video tutorial. Every Bboy should know & understand what form is because it is what makes the difference.

Even the simplest steps can be the most powerful and a simple 6 steps can tell you a lot about a Bboy’s level. You won’t find a better video that will help you improving your 6 steps then this one.

Well, the blog has come to an end and I will leave you with this course to explore.

Until the next blog, keep on dancing!

Khalil Zammeli

The founder of Breakreate. Born in July 25, 2000 in Nefza where I'm living to this day. I love hip-hop. I'm a writer, designer, bboy, filmmaker and a lot of many other things.

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