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Wael aka WIDE: The Quiet Dance Storm

A dancer’s canvas is space, moves are his paintbrush, beats are his paints and below you can see a full colorful artwork perfectly painted by WIDE, the quiet dance storm invading Hip Hop dance cyphers, as he vibes on Q-Tip’s Vivrant Thing during the Breakreate X Urban Whyz Festival.

If you’re done watching WIDE’s performance, follow us for an exclusive interview to know more about 3 secrets behind this creative genius:

Photo by Amani Aouadhi

Astonishing versatility: 

The quality of being versatile is the ablilty to change easily or to be used for different purposes. In our dance context being a versatile dancer refers to your ability to master many dance genres which allows you to build an innovative dance style such as WIDE. 

WIDE, how did you build your dance versatility?

WIDE: “I have built it through open mindedness as well as curiosity as I am constantly eager to learn and explore new dance styles. 

My journey has evolved from only practicing Hip Hop to Popping dance by joining the Fallaga Crew to finally land on the contemporary dance island as I am a part of the “Nouveau Ballet de Danse Tunisienne” project based in Tunis’ Cité de la Culture

My two key advices for every dancer are, to first believe in your style as you’ll probably face some close minded dancers who’ll only criticize your work and never give you constructive feedback. FACE THEM by keeping on enhancing your creativity, working hard on developing your musicality and originality then to second be more open to receiving feedback from other dancers, understand their perspective and keep what will benefit you.”

International dance experiences:

Photo by Amani Aouadhi

WIDE, how about sharing with us a quick highlight on your international experiences and the lessons learned through them?

WIDE: “In addition to my recent participation in Summer Dance Forever festival in Amsterdam, my first international dance experience was in South Korea: A challenging yet very exciting experience as it brought me closer towards the dancer I am today, allowing me to receive feedback from some of the best international dancers such as being “Off beat” which drew my attention to working harder on my musicality. My South Korea experience has also contributed in making me more responsible as I was 18 years old by that time going for a long trip in a country with an unfamiliar spoken language. You can also grow your dance network by attending international dance festivals and get a larger exposure and a wider platfrom for you to promote your work.

Still, the first stage a dancer should step on is his country’s dance cyphers, that’s where you can thrive first. Personally my turning point that helped me join international dance cyphers was La Rencontre in Sfax.”

Photo by Amani Aouadhi

Constant self-improvement:

WIDE, what are your music inspirations, your main career goals and what motivates you the most?

WIDE: “Boom Bap beats are my favorite. My main career goals are engaging in more dance exchange experiences, I am very interested in choreographing a Hip Hop Theater piece while keeping on joining dance battles as a performer. 

I am so eager to learn and grow through every experience. Luckily, I have built a growth-friendly professional envionment and I am blessed with a supportive family.”

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Photo by Amani Aouadhi

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