You are currently viewing WESH FATMA: The Street Art Flavored EXPO-RIENCE

WESH FATMA: The Street Art Flavored EXPO-RIENCE

Artists: JAYE & Mohamed Ghassen, Photo: Sara Nefzaoui

Raise your hand if you love Art Expos?

Now, raise your hand if you ENJOY attending Art Expos?

Let’s admit it, attending Art Expos has rarely been a highly entertaining activity, no matter how great the featured artworks are. Only few people enjoy it to the fullest.

That was before stumbling into Central Tunis’s New Art Experience: Wesh Fatma, taking place in Downtown Tunis from the 5th to the 14th of October, 2018.

At Central Tunis, art becomes an experience that goes beyond the art gallery’s walls, invading a downtown gloomy hangar and Medina’s (Tunis old city) streets: Participants will not only watch art but they will also:

Walk beside it:

Artist: JAYE, Photo: Sara Nefzaoui

Interact with it:

Swinging between the live music to dance to and the art works that might turn you into a butterfly through the eyes of a passionate photographer.

Artist: Abdelmajid Ben Khalifa, Photo: Sara Nefzaoui

And reflect on it:

Artist: Ymene Chetouane, Photo: Sara Nefzaoui

As well as different other activities that you can find out more about on its following schedule: 

Save the dates and be there!

Hosn Tebourski

A dreamer & an introverted dancer who enjoys sharing news about the Tunisian Hip Hop dance community.

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